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Terry Scott is a warm and friendly guy. He's also a multifaceted worker, taking on such diverse professions as college professor, writer and musician, all on top of being a master luthier. Terry Scott's All String Repair is just what it sounds like—a shop dedicated to work on string instruments. A luthier, by the way, is a title for someone who crafts lutes, which translates in the modern day to any instrument with strings, the descendants of the lute. Scott has been repairing since 1969, and has been in Reno since 1995. He considers it a labor of love, so expect this guy to take good care of your instrument.
-NewsReview.com:  Arts & Culture, written by Kent Irwin

Great refret on the Taylor!  Looks beautiful; plays and sounds great. Thanks Terry
Pat R.   Reno, NV

Terry, I received my mandolin today.  Looks great! Plays excellent.  I thank you kindly.
- Scotty Reno, NV
Beautiful work Terry!  I always recommend you because you're the best in town. Everyone can see the love you put into this!
Don P.  Reno, NV

My son had a guitar with a tuner built in.  The tuner was not working and it had a bit of damage to the fret area. Terry fixed this and only charged me $25.00!  I have watched him fix badly damaged instruments (my son takes music lessons from another instructor at the repair shop so I watch Terry repair instruments as I wait)  It is amazing what he can do and the sound is incredible.  Great place to buy used instruments.
Tracy S. Incline Village, NV

I brought my 73 Gibson SG in for a new fret job and new pick ups installed.  He was very descriptive on the process, and what I should expect when I get it back along with his guarantee of workmanship.  The price He quoted me was way more than reasonable.  Everyone else out there seems to overcharge for their work.  After meeting with him I felt like I had made the right choice.  He is extremely friendly and is a straight shooter! He will tell you exactly what the deal is with your guitar and what the repair entails.  

I recommend him to anyone that needs any level of work done to their instruments.  I Look forward to having him do some more work on my guitars!!!

Bryan G. CA

I have a 1963 Gibson Firebird V. Only 62 were made. I had it serviced recently by Terry Scott. Mr. Scott had done a pro setup on a vintage Carvin DC 150 Koa for me a few years back. Because he did such a fine job with the Carvin I trusted him with my Firebird.
     Terry treated it like it was his guitar and it came back to me a week earlier than expected. Rather perfect work was done on it by Mr. Scott.
My Firebird was played by the great blues artist Kal David of John Mayall and the Blues Breakers and Blues guitar for the late Etta James. Kal is a very close friend of mine. See Kaldavid.com 
     When ever the Firebird needed attention he took it to the late Richard Oblinger, AKA Obe the guitar guy of Hollywood CA. One of the very best guitar men ever. Mr. Scott is every bit the guitar man “Obe” the guitar guy was. I would not trust many with my Firebird. But Terry Scott has my trust.
He earned it.
Mike Ellis
"I needed my guitar for a job that evening.  I stopped by the shop and Terry fixed the problem right away."
JW Reno, NV.

"Terry saved my guitar! My wife dropped it (Yeah Right) and the sides were split.  I am pleased beyond words with the results."
SM Sparks, NV.

"Terry Scott has done multiple repair jobs on my guitars as well rebuilding the necks.    Terry has always give a great deal on his excellent work, He is the only person i recommend taking your instruments to.  He took my friend's $40 guitar and practically rebuilt it to a $200 value guitar at hella low cost.  and is now a sweet guitar for him.  If you need your business handled properly and correctly take it to Terry Scott."

Michael K.  Reno NV.

"Terry has been in this community for a long time and has repaired a couple of my instruments as well as taught several of my friends to play guitar. He is amazing at what he does and has made my Gibson playable after I closed my case over the pick guard.  
If you have any doubts of his excellence ask the guitar people at The Guitar Center who THEY refer any vintage or Pro repairs to."
Robert H. Reno, NV.

"I took my Hamer USA Daytona to Terry to have all of the frets replaced. After he was done refretting and levelling he gave my  guitar his Pro Setup. I can not say enough about the ease of play now. Slides are a breeze and the intonation is spot on up and down the neck. He replaced the nut and it was perfect, smooth and clean.
Terry is the nicest guy and will do anything to make his customers happy.   I have done over $3000 in repairs through Terry (I deal with a lot of instruments) and he will get even more of my business.
John M. Sparks, NV.

I wanted to get my electric guitar redone so it would hold and play very heavy strings, even a light bass string so I could get close to the sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Terry was friendly and welcoming. He had me leave my instrument for only a week, (her had expressed 2 wks for turnaround, but he was faster than that) and it was exactly how I wanted it.
Mr. Scott even leveled all the frets, straightened the neck, polished the body/neck, and allows me to bring the guitar back for FREE re-adjustments.
He even went out of his way to ask if I was looking for lessons because his shop offers in house instruction.
Terry Scott's All String Repair is wonderful, it has made me a repeat customer, and I send my friends to Mr. Scott as well.
Tyler H. Reno, NV.

Terry Scott's All String Repair was great for a repair and for lessons for my daughter.
I needed a acoustic guitar fixed because the whole things was crooked, pegs were stuck, and stings were too hard to press down. But Terry was able to get the whole thing restored to wonderful playing condition in just over an hour once I requested a rush order on the repair. 
My daughter won't put the guitar down now and wants to get an electric guitar that Terry has set up and has for sale. I want her to get a classical that Terry setup because it sounded wonderful and was easy to play when I tried it. But my kiddo wants an electric and Terry Scott has great guitars for bargain prices. 
Lessons from Terry Scott's All String Repair are amazing. The teachers clearly have had a thorough music education in private and university studies. My daughter learned how to read music and write her own music. Her lessons has even got her awards at school festivals her school jazz band plays at. Terry Scott's All String Repair has been way better for instruments, welcoming service, and lessons than other music stores in Reno.
Jessie L. Reno, NV.

This place is awesome, its got repair services, instruments for sale, and its got lessons. 
I take lessons from Jack and he is a good teacher. Mr. Scott is always friendly when I enter cuz i walk by him to see Jack. When I need my guitar fixed I give to Mr. Scott cuz he fixed before and it played easy for me. 
Lesson are fun cuz Jack has amps and even a drum machine! thats way more fun than just a metronome. We learn how to read notes and I like that cuz I hate tab since I play other instruments that makes me read music. Jack picks many songs and styles but I get to bring my favorite songs too.
I like All String Repair for lessons and I sent my friends to this store when need their guitars fixed or want lessons.
Emily H. Sun Valley,NV.

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